Centre Philosophy

 Imagine, believe and achieve underpin all of our practices linking to Montessori Pathways Redbank.

We seek to provide a fun, safe and educational environment for children and their families. We thrive to provide an educational program that provides a balance between indoor and outdoor activities using different Montessori techniques and methods. Each child is encouraged to grow and reach their full potential in learning and independence skills.

Educators feel privileged in providing enriched educational programs and thank families for the opportunity to grow alongside their children and share these experiences.

At Montessori Pathways Redbank our educators seek to make your visit with us a positive and memorable experience.


Maria Montessori believed that “imagination is the substance to our intelligence”. It is through the Montessori curriculum that a child can explore wonder and build on their understandings of the world. Children are encouraged to share their own perceptions of the world and build on these understandings by exploring the Montessori classroom materials.

Our carefully constructed environments encourage every child to feel welcome, valued and included within our age groupings.


Our service believes every child has the right to an enriched educational program. Children are naturally inquisitive and desire to explore their world through hands on experiences. Maria Montessori observed the children in their learning and believed that it was important to provide an environment that inspires and encourages children to explore through their natural tendencies.


Our service seeks to encourage children, families and educators to feel welcome and safe within our learning environments. We believe it takes a community to raise a child and we seek to provide a happy, friendly and inclusive environment for all.

The education environments are set up carefully on a daily basis with materials and resources to foster and excel children’s individual learning avenues. Children are encouraged to explore the environment using hands on materials that are at the child’s level. The educational materials are real and children are encouraged to engage with these at their leisure.